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firmware / hardware

Embedded design is at the core of SIANA's expertise.  We have completed multiple projects in various industries involving system design / analysis, PCB design, and firmware development for 8 / 16 / 32 bit micro-controllers. We strive taking a proof-of-concept to production.


design partner

An ST Authorized Partner, SIANA has acquired an extensive expertise with the ST ecosystem.  Over the years, we have built a close & productive relationship with ST's US & European teams. We can help you integrate ST's extensive portfolio including STM32, MEMS, HMI, and wireless.


mobile / cloud

When designing connected / IoT devices, SIANA can close the loop with mobile app development and/or cloud integration under one "roof." We provide cross-platform mobile development and Cloud / IoT integration for your Bluetooth & WiFi devices. 

Design Partner


STMicroelectronics Design Services

An ST Authorized Partner, SIANA has extensive experience working with the ST team & ecosystem.  ST-based designs represents +70% of our work and, as a result, we have developed a strong relationship with the ST's US & European teams.  As a design partner, we focus on 2 main activities:

  1. Production Design: hardware / firmware production-grade implementation
  2. Up-to-Date Expertise: early-access training on portfolio & tools 

1. Production Design: for SIANA, a production design often starts with a referral working alongside ST's FAEs.  Depending on your needs, we can take on the full design and provide the technical bridge with ST per your requirements. Or, we can come in to augment your in-house team and provide specialized ST-based expertise.  In either case, we will work closely with ST to select the best-fit solution. As we advance through the design cycle, we periodically leverage ST's in-depth expertise to help us refine the design and overcome any technical issue.

2. Up-to-Date Expertise: to keep up with ST's innovations, we are continuously involved in evaluating and learning new tools and technologies.  We maintain a full NDA with ST which often gives us early-access to key programs.  We attend partner's training and events and strive to remain on the forefront of the latest & greatest.  So that you don't have to...

Some of our expertise includes...

STM32 design & development (+STM32CubeMX)

BSP integration: HAL / Low-Level API / CMSIS / mbed / WICED, Secured boot, DFU, Low-Power

low-level ISR/DMA drivers (Q/SPI, I2C, FSMC, etc...), RTOS Integration, LCD / HMI (+STemWin drivers)

Bluetooth Classic (Bluetopia), BlueNRG + BLE service development, WiFi driver, NFC (+secure)

TCP/IP/SSL integration, FOTA, MQTT / CoAP, etc...

Deep Learning at the Edge...

SIANA is proud to announce that we have teamed up with the ST Microcontroller Division Machine Learning Group.
We are working in close collaboration with ST's Deep-Learning experts to bring AI on STM32 cores!!!
Contact us for more info.

Hardware / Firmware design


Embedded systems

SIANA Systems has been developing embedded solutions for nearly 10 years in various industries from building automation, to medical, to consumer electronics. Over the years, we have acquired a broad set of skills that enables us to quickly evaluate and turn proof-of-concepts into production-grade solutions.

From Fast Prototyping to EVT/PVT design to Pre-Compliance to Functional Testing to production support…


Firmware development

With decades of combined experience, we consider firmware design & implementation our core expertise!

From memory-constrained 8-bit MCUs to 32-bit Cortex-M / A, we are passionate about developing production-grade code.

We excel at designing optimized C/C++ firmware using IAR Workbench or the GCC ARM toolchain (Eclipse, Atollic, etc...)

As a team, we keep up with the latest technologies and invest in industry-standard tools which result in a development process that consistently produces lean and portable code that will not block your product roadmap.

We routinely supply BSPs with drivers and RTOS integration to support custom application development, including:

UART, I2C, Q/SPI, MIPI drivers for peripherals: MEMS sensors, flash, LCD, NFC, battery monitors, communication controllers

Some of our application development experience includes:

  • Apple HomeKit & iAP2 devices (SIANA is an MFi Developer Licensee)

  • Wearables with custom inertial sensing algorithm (IMU/AHRS, HAR, Kalman/Weiner filter)

  • IoT devices with Ethernet, WiFi, Bluetooth / LE, Zigbee, LTE Cat-M1 / NB-IoT over TCP/IP/HTTP/REST, CoAP, MQTT

  • HMI with segmented or color/touch LCD with/out accelerated window-manager (emWin / TouchGFX)

  • Secure Bootloader with Firmware Over-The-Air upgrade (FOTA)

If you can dream it (or spec it), we can code it!


hardware design

From prototyping through production-readiness, our complementary team of firmware & hardware designers always works hand-in-hand through the full design cycle:

1. Proof-of-Concept: We excel at quick-turn of low-to-medium complexity systems required to evaluate a custom algorithm and/or third-party IP.

2. System Design: as an Arrow ACES partner, we work closely with Arrow, and silicon vendors, to make it a priority to select the right components that will fit your design budget, and production timeline & targets.

3. Fast Prototyping: as fervent users of the Altium Designer toolchain, we can quickly produce schematics & PCB/A designs that easily export to your, or our, preferred CMs for quick turn-around.

4. EVT / PVT Design: working with your selected manufacturing partner, we are used to taking prototypes through the mandatory manufacturing-readiness process and rigorous compliance requirements.

5. Functional Test Fixture design: we can assist manufacturing with custom test / commissioning firmware and/or designing & building full functional test fixtures.

lab / pre-compliance testing


EMI Pre-Compliance: sdfasdf

External Review: adsfsdf


Cloud / Mobile design


Closing the Loop...


Designing a connected or IoT device presents significant challenges beyond the technical. The communication interface between the device and the mobile app (or cloud)  is often handled by different cross teams, which work in different technology realms, i.e. IT/DevOps vs. mobile.apps vs. embedded. This mismatch may lead to slipping development schedule and a "lightly" tested solution that may fail to meet the user's expectations (requiring costly firmware upgrades...) 

Having completed multiple IoT projects, we experienced these challenges firsthand and quickly recognized the value of a single team handling all phases of the connectivity challenge.  As a result, in addition to device development, SIANA offers mobile.apps development and cloud integration.  Our team has experience with efficiently connecting devices through Bluetooth/BLE, WiFi, and NFC to mobile handsets (iOS, Android) and Cloud providers (AWS, Artik.)



Cloud integration

Cloud integration for embedded devices extends beyond just connecting to the IoT layer.  Any commercial solution must also include secure onboarding / provisioning,  Firmware Over-The-Air Firmware (FOTA) upgrade, field device replacement, fleet auditing / management, etc...

SIANA can help you:

  • define an IoT strategy and navigate the complex cloud provider offerings to select & implement the best  solution.
  • integrate a new device to an existing and/or custom IoT service.


For industrial-grade and/or highly scalable & hybrid solutions, we often turn to Amazon Web Services.

The 800lb gorilla, AWS offer the most complete portfolio of cloud services.  SIANA is experienced with integrating the AWS IoT layer on embedded devices, including secure provisioning, and integration with analytics and client applications. 



For fast time-to-market and/or consumer-electronics devices, we often recommend using the Samsung Artik cloud.

As an Artik partner, SIANA is experienced with integrating the Artik IoT layer on embedded devices and implementing the proper cloud strategy to integrate with third-party systems, including Home Automation, Voice Assistant, etc...


Mobile apps development


SIANA is experienced with developing cross platforms (iOS / Android) mobile applications for connected & IoT devices.

Our goal is to streamline the design cycle by bringing in UX/UI + embedded + mobile development under a same team. 

We will not only help you apply best-practices at the UX/UI level, but we will also provide you with proven and fast time-to-market implementations to the typical challenges facing connected / IoT devices, such as: secure provisioning / onboarding and remote firmware upgrade.