Our team is your best value

Unique and diverse, our team includes original thinkers & doers in electrical and software engineering.  Professionally trained, every single one of us brings years of experience from diverse industries.  As a whole, our tight-knit team of passionate technologists finds pride in the collaborative effort of taking ideas to production.


The Core Team...



Sylvain Bernard, Team Founder

As the owner, Sylvain runs the day-to-day operations and customer communication.  As the principal engineer, Sylvain is also responsible for all of the technical decisions. With a BSEE and 20 years experience designing connected systems, he has acquired a varied set of skills, from bare-metal to Cloud development.  Sylvain has a passion for technology in general, and anything "connected" in particular.  He has worked in the avionic, building automation, fleet tracking & management, and green energy industries.



Alvaro Aguirre, DesignER-in-Chief

According to Alvaro: "He's an electronic engineer with +15 years of experience in micro-controller firmware development. and circuit design.  He likes learning something new and challenging every day." That's quite an understatement, as Alvaro is usually very verbose :)  Beside being an effective lead & a great designer, Alvaro often shines on those esoteric and hard-to-find bugs that few dare challenge.  Alvaro has worked in the automotive, mining, and defense industry.  He also teaches Embedded Development at the collegiate level.



Mariana Calzon, Design Engineer

With a Master's in Electronics Engineering and over 20 years of professional experience, Mariana has worked through the hardware and software development cycle many times.  And it shows!  She has accumulated a broad set of skills in embedded development and will get the job done, no matter what.  Mariana has worked on medical devices, gaming, automotive, solar energy, and consumer products.



Hugo Mendiondo, Design Engineer

An Electronics Engineer with 15 years of professional experience in firmware development, Hugo is all about getting things done.  He excels at making new technologies work under the tightest schedules.  He'll get up to speed and design code at the same time :) and deliver right on time.  Hugo has worked in the gaming industry and traffic control.  He has taught Signals & Systems in university for seven years. 



Sebastian Sepulveda, Design engineer

Sebastian holds a Master's in Biomedical Engineering and has such varied technical interests that it'll be hard for anyone else to keep up.  Sebastian is as comfortable with a soldering iron as he is with programming Linux, Android, or running numerical simulations.  A sharp and quick learner, Sebastian often gets things done with an extra touch :)



Vicente InostrozA,design engineer

Junior in the team he may be, but Vicente has quickly become one of our best engineers.  A BSEE by training, Vicente now excels at both firmware development and hardware design, including challenging PCB layout. Vicente has quickly become very proficient with all development phases: from quick proof-of-concept prototyping to production-grade development, he's always up to the challenge.