Sylvain has worked with our company for a number of years as the software architect of a embedded framework that re-vamped our major product lines. Given a set of requirements, Sylvain excels at developing the most reliable, sustainable framework possible. When you are having trouble "seeing the forest for the trees", Sylvain is great at helping to make a big picture assesment of where you are going and recommend corrections. His depth of experience helps him anticipate architectural problems that you may not have thought of until much further down the road. Sylvain also works hard to stay ahead of the curve on the latest IOT technologies and trends and I consider him to be one of the best resources in this arena.

Kirk Lovewell

Director of Engineering / Teledyne Technologies Inc.

Sylvain is the consumate technical professional. He is an extremely clear thinker. He not only sees his way through technical challenges, but with his straight forward approach has helped us manage a complicated multi-party project. His vast technical experience, and his ability to communicate and organize the work made for timely completion of a high volume mass market consumer electronic product. We continue to work together, and will definitely utilize his and his teams talents on future projects.

Tom Roberts

CTO, Sr. EVP / Performance Designed Products, LLC

I have been working closely with Sylvain since October of 2007 and can highly recommend his capabilities as an engineer. His attention to detail and thoroughness stands out even among other high-quality engineering professionals. Sylvain clearly has a passion for software design as well as for leveraging best-practices and patterns that result in highly maintainable and extensible source code. I strongly recommend Sylvain to anyone looking for top-shelf engineering talent

Tom Naylor

President - CEO / Cloudline Solutions, LLC


Sylvain is a dedicated engineer who has a strong understanding of design methodologies and expertly puts this knowledge into practice. He keeps pace with new technologies with an eye to improving or creating engineering processes and development environments. I'd recommend him for any senior or management position.

Ian Armitage

Senior Engineer / Siemens Building Technologies